Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully this answers any questions you have about Tan Tootie products, ordering, shipping and returns process. If not, please get in touch with us via our Contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I apply Tan Tootie Self Tanning Mousse?

 Check out our How to Apply guide, which outlines all the steps you should take before, during and after the tanning process. It also has some tips on how to apply the products and how to make your tan last as long as possible.


How long does Tan Tootie Self Tan last for?

Your tan should last between 7-10 days depending on how you look after it. We recommend thoroughly exfoliating prior to application and moisturising daily after application to prolong your tan. Be mindful that swimming and sweating heavily can affect how long your tan lasts.


Is Tan Tootie vegan friendly?

We are 100% vegan friendly. Our products contain no animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. We hold PETA Leaping Bunny certification. 


Why is Tan Tootie gluten free?

Being celiac or suffering gluten intolerance can mean having to inspect the ingredients list of every single beauty product that goes near your mouth for hidden gluten derivatives. Our products are gluten free so our customers can rest assured that Tan Tootie won't flare up any gluten allergies unawares.


Is Tan Tootie safe to use during pregnancy?

We always recommend consulting a GP/health care professional when pregnant as everyone is different. Our range is accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and many customers (including our founder, Hannah-May) used TT throughout their pregnancy. We recommend a 24 hour patch test before application.

What is the best way to store TT?

In a cool place out of direct sunlight and standing upright.

Can I Reuse TT Tanning Mitts?

Yes! You can reuse your mitts again and again. Just give them a rinse in warm water when you’re done and leave out to dry naturally.

(You can also wash your mitts with TT For Your Booty in its mesh wash bag)


I received my Tan Tootie For Your Booty but its creased!?

Don’t worry! Once you start using it the creases will go. Also the more you wash TT For Your Booty the more flexible and durable it becomes.


Can my TT For Your Booty mesh bag just be used for washing?

No you can also use your mesh bag as a travel or storage bag for all of our products. We designed it specifically that it fits all our products.


Can I recycle Tan Tootie bottles?

You absolutely can. And we ask that you pretty please do!


Where can I buy Tan Tootie?

You can purchase via the ‘SHOP NOW’ botton on this website

 We accept payment by Credit Card, Apple Pay or Pay Pal



Do you Accept Afterpay or Zippay?

Unfortunately we don't accept Afterpay or Zip Pay at this time


What is your shipping and returns policy?

Australian deliveries take between 5-7 business days


Please visit our Shipping and Returns page for more informationWhat is your shipping and returns policy?

Australian deliveries take between 5-7 business days

Please visit our Shipping and Returns page for more information