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I spent most of my childhood and teens hating my body. I was very skinny, I didn’t like my chest, my ears and my knobbly knees. I guess because I had a very difficult upbringing in much rougher parts of the UK. I moved homes a lot, couch surfed and got into trouble. From this I learnt to put a barrier up. I gained a tough exterior. This only continued to have a spiral effect on my insecurities deep down. However, I am resilient and incredibly passionate! I’ve been knocked down quite a lot but I always get back up. I have quite a few scars to show what life has thrown at me but I can happily laugh at my insecurities now.

What I love most about my body?

I guess it would have to be my genetics. Don’t get me wrong I work hard to get the body I strive for but my body does have the foundations to pick things up quickly 

Why I love Tan Tootie? 

As a guy I would never normally wear tan. But I love what Tan Tootie stands for. This made me want to try the tan and be apart of their image. Let’s face it we all love a nice tan, but you would never know the tan was out of a bottle. A complete natural look and it lasts for weeks, Not to mention the added benefits of all their ingredients tightening my skin and no smell of fake tan. A+ TT

Kim Vanderlaan