About TT

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Hi! My name is Hannah-May the creator and founder of Tan Tootie – A Tan For EveryBODY.

I myself when buying a product am always interested to read about the brands story and to see the face behind the brand- So here is a little background on TT.

I’m a wife and a Mumma who always wanted more out of my job, something I could create and build upon. After working as a performer and in retail (beauty) for years, I had a vision to create a brand that would bridge a gap in the marketplace that I saw. I wanted to create a natural tanning product that was perfect for everyBODY and represented natural beauty and inclusivity.

I actually came up with the name and concept of Tan Tootie whilst travelling to work on the train.

I started playing around with ideas in my head and by the time I got home that day I had the brand name, Tan Tootie along with the tan and tanning accessories figured out. This included the mini mitt and the product you didn’t know you needed, Tan Tootie for your Booty! I had the same problem as many self-tanners of staining the toilet seat so I wanted to create a simple solution which would have Mothers, Fathers, Girlfriends, and Boyfriends rejoicing everywhere!


About the Tan –

I myself have always been a serial self-tanner but struggled to find a colour that I really loved. Most self tanners I had tried were either too orange, brown/grey, too streaky and sticky or just completely dried out my skin.

I set out to create a colour that suited all skin types where YOU controlled your colour depth.

Changing from light to medium, medium to dark, violet base, green base etc all dependent on your skin tone and the colour you want to be is confusing, a hassle and expensive! That’s one of the many reasons I loved creating Tan Tootie as it’s a hero product. The one shade that adapts to you!


When I began to research and develop the formula, I was shocked to know just how many chemicals some self-tanners contained. I fell pregnant during this stage and became even more aware of what I was putting onto my skin. I was determined to create a tan that would still give an amazing colour and meet the expectations of a very competitive market which didn’t contain harmful or toxic ingredients.

It was challenging trying to get the balance and stability right, but the end result is our natural self-tanning mousse that is:

·         Toxic Free

·         Paraben-Free

·         GF & Vegan

·         SCA approved

·         100% Natural DHA

·         Coconut & Mango Scented

·         Quick Drying


The Accessories-

For our tanning mitts I wanted the smooth backing material to be just right so application is a breeze. When tanning I always found it difficult to blend tan evenly on my face, hands and feet, so the mini mitt was born! Not only is it super cute but it makes tanning delicate areas easy so you can buff in your tan quickly and evenly and end up with a flawless finish every time.

Our Tanning Mitts are reusable and washable.

Tan Tootie For Your Booty - this product actually took me the longest to develop! Getting the design and material right was a must, plus the added bonus of being able to fold it down into a mesh wash/ travel bag.

After years of getting into trouble of my mum (more recently my husband) for staining the toilet seat, this was a problem I know many self tanners faced.

It seems a bit obscure but trust me it’s a must have tanning accessory for any self tanner!

Its simple to take on and off and is washable so you can use it again and again.



The Brand Campaign-

One thing that really stood out to me in the tanning industry was that the majority of campaign images were of the same body type and look... I mean they were stunning, but it puzzled me as I know MANY different types of people tan and they seem to only be focusing on a very tiny portion of the demographic. I wanted to create a campaign around being inclusive of everyBODY no matter the size, shape, age, gender or colour.


I wanted Tan Tootie to be about making a positive difference in customers’ lives – whether that be providing a natural tanning product, celebrating body diversity, or helping people enhance their confidence and body positivity.

I mean there is something about having a sun-kissed glow that makes you feel like a superstar and I want to bring that feeling to every single body out there!


Thank you for taking the time to read Tan Tooties story, and please know that while packing every order a little happy dance is had!


Hannah-May x

 P.s -You are enough & You’re Beautiful just as you are x

Kim Vanderlaan