Tan Tootie 8.jpg

I’m thankful I’m at a place now where I feel really confident in my own skin. That wasn’t always the case. I struggled for a long time. I thought I was too fat to skinny, too short, too dark, too everything and it made me want to hide my body from the world. There came a point when I realized to be happy I had to accept myself exactly the way I was, and that maybe I had special and unique things about myself that I could celebrate after all. If I could give my teenage self any advice it would be to love yourself no matter what. You only get one body so take care of it best you can and make the most of what you’ve got

What I love most about my body?

I love my feminine form, As a dancer, everyday I’m amazed that my body can be so agile, strong and sharp whilst also being soft and graceful. I’m of Maori and Niuean heritage and I’m so proud to be Polynesian. They are strong people and I carry that strength within me everyday.

Why I love Tan Tootie?

Tan Tootie dries quick, and I love that because you just buffer with the mitt and go. I already naturally have olive skin and never thought I’d like using a tanning product, but Tan Tootie looks great for that extra Golden sun-kissed look for special occasions. It’s a safe way to look sun-kissed, and I’m all about sun safety and looking after my skin.

Kim Vanderlaan