Tan Tootie 17.jpg


I haven’t always loved my body. I wasn’t always kind to my nutrition or lifestyle. That effected not just my image but my daily happiness, how I treated people and my outlook on even the smallest life situations.  As I’ve grown I’ve become a better version of myself I prefer to be.  Without unhealthy times though I wouldn’t have comparisons to keep me where I am so I’m grateful I had that chapter.

I’m a mum and a wife. Some important life rules I like my husband daughter and I to live by, which I think define me: become the most enthusiastic person you know, it’s contagious/ avoid negativity/ never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them/ compliment someone daily, we all don’t do that enough/ make eye contact with people, you hear them better/ be kind to EVERYONE. especially the unkind people- they need it most.

What I love most about my body? What I love most about my body is it’s strength physically and mentally.

No matter what Im putting it through- whether I’m even capable or not- I always see the fun and worth in it.

Why I love Tan Tootie?

It’s unbelievable how quickly it dries- I’ve even gone out all day with it on.

Not only does it not smell like other tans it smells GOOD, even when it’s due to be rinsed off. 

I couldn’t be more impressed with the colour plus the application is impossible to stuff up even if you’ve never used a mousse before

Tantootie is a must for tanning- not just good for you but for the environment also. 

SO impressed


Kim Vanderlaan