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It’s only very recently that I feel like I have body confidence, I’ve always been self-conscious about my body and it has taken a while to learn to love my body as it is. It makes me who I am and I’ve learnt that I can love my body while still changing it to become the body I’ve always pictured myself having.
The thing that makes me unique is where a lot of my scars have come from, whether it be from personal struggle or from surgeries, they all tell a story, that I am transgender.

What I love most about my body? This probably sounds really cliché, but I love the scars on my body. They all really tell a lot about me and my life and I think that is pretty cool.

Why I love Tan Tootie?

I love Tan Tootie Tan as it’s easy to use, dries super fast and leaves my skin looking and feeling natural! Immediately after application it wasn’t sticky at all and the smell it has is super subtle and really nice!


Kim Vanderlaan