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As a young girl I was bullied a lot about my weight in school, so then as I hit my teenage years I had low self esteem and unrealistic beauty standards. I was constantly thinking my body wasn’t good enough and that I wasn’t beautiful because I wasn’t like the super skinny girls in my class or the women on magazine covers. I would put myself on fad diets and crazy exercise regimes. It would work briefly, I would lose a lot of weight but then I would resume my normal habits, end up fluctuating and put the weight straight back on, then I would cry, binge eat and start the cycle all over again.  Even at my slimmest weight I still had a curvy shape. I was and am naturally a curvy woman.

Luckily for me during young adulthood I really started to embrace my figure, this happened for me when I started to go out and dress like a woman not a girl. When I would meet other young women of different shapes and sizes who weren’t the cookie cutter “beauty standard” but I still thought they were beautiful. And most of all When I was signed to a modelling agency as a curvy model, This gave me a lot of confidence and it started to click for me that YES people can beautiful at a size 20 or a size 2 and also that imperfections are unique and attractive. I realized I needed to start loving my body and embrace all my imperfections because I am also unique and beautiful.

What do you love about your body?

I love its strength, its resilience, its flexibility, and I love it’s curves. I love and support plus size models and I would love to be an ambassador for young girls to have more body confidence and give more credibility to the plus size model industry. 

Why I love Tan Tootie?

I love tan tootie because it smells great and dries fast, unlike other tans I've used which can feel tacky until you wash them off, Tan tootie feels like im not wearing tan at all!


Kim Vanderlaan